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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cycle SOS

I am totally freaking out.

As you know from my previous post, I am on a schedule for a FET on New Years Day. I am finished round 1 of the birth control pill last Sunday the 13th and my period was supposed to come 4 days later, which was Thursday - it is now Sunday and it is still not here. What the hell?!?! I have always been very regular, spot on a 28 day cycle and now things have gone completely awry. My last cycle in Thailand saw my period come 2 days later than normal but my lining was still pretty good by the time that we were over there. The biggest concern that I have is that this has not happened before, so what is the reason that it is happening now, that is a very scary thing to ask.

I feel in completely unchartered territory and I don't know at all what this means. I sent an email through to the doctor and he said that I should wait 1-2 days but not to start taking round two of the BCP until he let me know, he is going to do a new schedule for me.

I am hugely angry because of course my body is not doing what it is supposed to be doing and maybe I am doing something that it is causing it to go awry. I already feel like a huge failure because I was the one that let the team down on the last cycle, after all, JourneyMan's sample was obviously good, the donor gave a record number of eggs and we got 6 beautiful blastocycsts but of course the woman with the deformed body once again was not up to scratch.

I don't know how they are going to make the schedule fit in with the current timeframe for when I am in Thailand so of course that will mean that I will most likely have to cancel and re-book everything. It will also not likely fit in with our holiday leave which means I will need to take more time off and not get paid for it and JourneyMan will have to go back to work and we will need to find someone to babysit for JBB while I am away.

I suppose not a big deal but very selfishly, I would really, really like this to work and be over with, every day that it is delayed, I have to live with the pain of the cramps, which practically spoilt JourneyMan's and my date night last night - JBB stayed at my Mum and Dad'd for the night, on a night when I wanted to be able to catch up on a thousand lost hours sleep, I couldn't get to sleep until after 1am due to the pain.

The worst part of it is not knowing what will happen next, I bloody hate being in this position, it is so damn frustrating. I am really in limbo until my period comes and the doctor gets back to me with what to do. Sorry to dump all of this out there - I am very, very worried.

Does anyone know what happens in these situations when the period is late - is the FET just delayed or what? Any info would be gratefully accepted.
Does anyone have any idea of what happens normally in these situations=


  1. Just catching up on your latest posts...

    Ugh! Sorry to hear you are not getting your period after stopping bcps. For my clinic, for FETs it mattered a whole lot less for FETs if things weren't on schedule. As you said in your last post, you don't need to sync with your donor so it's possible, they would just delay things a bit and reschedule the transfer. I know how frustrating these "little" delays can be because you just want it to work already and move on. Hang in there.

  2. I don't know if I have answers for so I am really sorry. I did start taking bcp earlier than required just because I didn't want to trust my body and in the end I was spotting for like 3 weeks before even leaving to go to LA, but once there and having a scan, everything still worked out on the right day.

    Wait to hear back from the doctor, you might me stressing over nothing, he might just tell you to start on the next round of bcp's and worry about the next time you are due.