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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pre-Cycle Regime

This is mainly for Sue as I have been promising it to her for ages (sorry it’s taken so long!!) but I thought I would document it as others may find it useful!! This is what I do in preparation for each cycle (and of course, I loves me a bulleted lists so that is how it is going to roll!!):

Eating (please note that the below eating plan is what I aspire to every day, some days I get there, some days I don’t, some days I spectacularly don’t):

• At least 5 serves of vegetables and 2 serves of fruit per day – organic if possible, if not, rinse thoroughly. I actually find that I usually have more than this (as I shred up lots of different vegies and put them into casseroles & soups) and also have a smoothie for breakfast each day). I like to make sure that I pick a variety of different coloured vegies for maximum vitamins & minerals
• For breakky, I make a smoothie that has a couple of fruits in it plus I put in a probiotic, extra fibre, full fat organic yoghurt and some ground nuts (for protein) – sometimes I will chuck in some finely ground oats to make it more filling.
• 1-2 serves of lean red meat per week – organic where possible.
• 1-2 serves of fish per week – though going for the low mercury type fish, like salmon and canned tune etc. However, I will sometimes indulge in a yummy piece of flake
• Always go for whole grain carbs: brown rice, wholegrain bread etc
• I try to stay away from the sweet things and saturated fats but sometimes I will heed their call (too often of late but I am trying to reel myself in)

Exercise (once again, this is aspirational, I have not been going very well with this of late but I am working on it):

• Cardio – 30-60 mins of cardio per day, I try to walk but I think I am going to start the coolrunnings couch to 5K running plan before I go in December.
• Yoga - - I try to do these poses each day – morning and night would be good but it is dependent on time of course
• Strength – 3 times per week of body strengthening – I used to have a gym program but I think that Journeyman and I are going to put our own ‘at home’ program together.

Household / Personal care:

• I don’t use harsh cleaners – buy natural or even put together your own cleaning products – this site is a good resource:
• Have a fertility oil blend burning – I use: Lavender, Sweet Fennel, & Clary Sage (I also with put some of this in the bath)
• Put some indoor plants around your house (not in your bedroom) – this is to naturally filter the air in your house – some good ones are: Bamboo Palm, Peace Lily & Lady Palm
• I only use a tea tree oil based deodorant – it by a company called Thursday Plantation and they specialise in all things tea tree.

Additional therapies:

• Weekly acupuncture – I go to a woman who specialises in fertility and complimenting IF treatments
• Twice daily chinese herbs – these are in powdered variety (or ass herbs as Elphaba calls them)
• Skin brushing daily – this is to allow the toxins to be excreted from your skin with ease (it also makes your skin feel really nice!)
• Weekly Epsom salt bath (helps to encourage detoxification)
• Weekly bentonite clay bath (helps to draw heavy metals and other toxic substances from your body) – this is something that I am starting for this cycle
• 3-4 times per week castor oil packs (great to increase circulation to the uterus as well as aid in detoxification)
• Fertility tea – My mix is made up of: Red clover (rich in B vitamins, calcium and protein and help detoxify the blood), Raspberry Leaf Tea (contains vitamins C and E, calcium and iron and helps to tone the muscles of the uterus), Stinging Nettles (has high levels of chlorophyll and many vitamins and minerals – it also strengthens the kidneys) and peppermint tea – mainly for the flavour!! I bring this overnight and drink about 1 litre of this per day.
• Crytals – I have a few crystals for fertility, my main ones being: Shiva Linghams, Moonstone, Rose quartz and Rhodonite
• Subliminal / hypnosis / visualisation – I was using another brand on the last couple of cycles and now I am giving Circle + Bloom a go each night as I fall asleep
• Every second night – foot detox pad – these have chinese herbs in them and they are a gentle detox for the body
• Mind map – I have a collage that I made years ago (that I have stuck up in the toilet so that I see it every day) of thing that I want in my life. Some of the baby related pics I have are: a pic of a pregnant belly, a foetus, a nursery, a baby. It is good to always see what I am aiming for.
• Naturopathy herbs – this is something new that I am adding and I am waiting for them to come in the mail so I don’t really know what is entailed in this yet


• Pregnancy / prenatal vitamin
• Fish oil
• Calcium
• Vitamin D
• Vitamin E
• Evening Primrose oil
• Vitamin C
• Vitex / Chasteberry
• Magnesium (though I take this more for cramps)
• CoQ10
• Dong Quai
• Ginseng
• B Complex
• Beta carotene

So this is pretty much it - sometimes I find something else and put it in or I will drop something off (the castor oil pack I think is very beneficial but it is a serious pain in my very large behind!!).

I hope I haven't bored you too much! Looking at it, it makes me realise why I don't have much time on my hands.


  1. That's for posting your very long list! Boy that is allot, but if it helps well it's worth it. Tell me the tea blend, your saying you mix them all together for 1 tea? I have had the raspberry leaf before but not the others. Now I didn't actually see the castor oil packs and what the do?
    Michelle sent me a book title as well today which is in my comments on my last post that might be something that interests you.

  2. Wow you are dedicated! even if those are just aspirations. I'm so sorry your last cycle was negative. I'm hoping like crazy for you for your fet!!

  3. Just found your blog on the ICLW for this month. I am a DE mommy of 1 also and we are currently TTC #2. It is nice to read your blog because I have many of the same feelings, especially when it come to LS.