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Sunday, March 7, 2010

My happiness is slowly creeping back!

Words from a song from one of my favourite bands (Powderfinger - an Aussie band).

I am feeling alot better now. JourneyMan and I are back being happy again and have made some decisions on our house. Hurrah, we have decided to renovate before the baby comes!! It is going to be a pretty big project but I am SOOOOO excited about it. On Wednesday I was driving home from work sobbing to my mum that I will go crazy with our 1971 kitchen that we have in our unit - I spoke to JourneyMan that night and we decided.

We had not completed the renovations previously because of the money that we needed to save for IF treatments - thankfully we are having a bit of a break from that so we are able to do it. We also had great news on our tax returns so things are looking up money-wise - yay. It has taken a huge amount of pressure off us though we still have quite a bit of saving to do.

I had my first of the weekly scans to check my cervix on Friday and I got some gorgeous 2d and 4d pics of the baby - hurrah. It is back to the old vaginal scan though - I thought that I had left those behind me for the moment but they are back and they are weekly. I was in there so long my legs were shaking. At one point the sonographer (I still haven't looked up whether that's the right word yet - but I will soon!) paged the doctor and I am pretty sure I went white with fear. It turns out that she just wanted to determine with the doctor whether I have one or two cervixes - I wanted to give her a punch for scaring the hell out of me.

They talked about it for awhile (all the while wanding away in my delicate regions) but after awhile I have said, 'yes, i have been told that I have two, then one, then two then one again so it would not surprise me, however, after 3 transfers, a dye test and two operations, no-one has ever been able to confirm where the opening for the second one is' - the doctor's comment - 'well it is just interesting' to which I replied 'yes, everyone finds it interesting'. I was getting pretty impatient after I have had many similar reactions in many, many scans. Yes, I get it, I'm 'special' - nuff said for crying out loud.

Some good news in the scan though - the baby has two kidney's (whoo hoo, this is a big deal as I only have one!) and wait for it's a BOY!!!! I have to admit, there was the smallest moment of hesitation because I wanted a girl and was sure that the baby was a girl but then came unbelievable happiness and I floated all the way home. Once I got home, I quickly went up to the shops and found a blue teddy with the boys name, that we have had picked out for years, amazingly they had one there and when JourneyMan got home, I showed it to him as he walked in the door and said you are having a son! Well, he has been walking around like a peacock since - bless him!!

Oh and of course the other good news is that the cervix is fine - she said 'beautiful' in fact which was nice!

So, I haven't updated since then because JourneyMan, JourneyDog and I (+ JourneyBabyBoy of course) went to see JourneyMan's sister and husband in country Victoria overnight which was lovely. She is also pregnant so it was fun to catch up. We missed all of the wild storms that hit our home town over the weekend - hail the size of golf balls, crazy, crazy weather so it was a relief to get home and find the house perfectly fine - yay.

And that is about all for this weekend. I have much blog reading to catch up on - will be back soon!


  1. Oh exciting in so many ways your update is! A boy yeah!!!! A new kitchen double yeah! And possibly two cervixes, yeah too, LOL! Anyway so glad you are well and your scans went great too. I am gogin in Wednesday for an u/s, I can't wait!

  2. It is the season for boys :-) that is very exciting - at least you have chosen a name - I am finding it difficult and my time is running out

  3. Hoorray for a boy!! How exciting is that!?
    Two cervixes, how in the world...? Next to each other or stacked...? I'm sure your docs are in awe, that's some cool stuff :)

  4. A blessed boy! That is so fantastic! I am so over the moon for you two (three, four)! He is going to be a very lucky and loved little man. Hooray for the double kidneys. :)

    A kitchen renovation? It makes me salivate with envy. I would be so stinking excited, so I am totally excited for you. :D

    Give your litte man a hug for me.


  5. If you have some time and feel up to it, I left a little something for you on my blog. :)