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Thursday, March 18, 2010

A whole lotta info..

Well – a lot has been happening and I am very sorry not to have been giving more regular updates. Here is a big update on how last week went:

JourneyBabyBoy: There is not a huge amount happening each week with the pregnancy but that does not mean that the week was not filled with drama! Last week I started being really dizzy again. So much so, that I fell over in the bedroom when I was getting changed and also had the room spinning when I was lying down – not good. Friday’s weekly scan went well – once I got there!! My Mum has been desperate to come to one of the scans so she can see her grandchild (thankfully even though she already has 5 grandies, she is still SOOOO excited for more!) so she came on Friday with me.

Originally, I was going to pick her up in the morning but because I had been so dizzy I asked her to drive. Well, about half way there, her car overheated. We were really stressed out because we were in peak hour traffic and were pushed to get to the appointment on time. We pulled up in a side street (crossed our fingers that we wouldn’t get a ticket) and decided to jump on a tram into the city. From looking at the map, the tram was only a block away but I tell you, it was at the top of the hugest hill, more like a mountain!! We huffed and puffed our way up to the top – I am telling you, it was the longest block ever and I gave the imaging place a call to let them know I was running late (they told me that the patient before me was going to be a long one so we were okay).

Then we had to worry about the new ticketing system as neither of us take public transport very often and didn’t have a new pass, so we had to hope that they still were transitioning the system and we could pay cash – luckily we could! We finally got to the appointment half an hour late and I had just enough time to go to the loo and then I was called in. JourneyBabyBoy is going very well – measurements are all good! He had the hiccups, which made my Mum and I have a chuckle!

The way back was a lot more relaxing and after we had filled the car up with water, we went to a café and had a hot drink and a muffin – lovely!!

My stomach is now starting to pop out though JourneyMan has said that you still wouldn’t assume that I was pregnant by just looking at me – hmmmm, I guess that means that I am looking like I have put on weight on my stomach, boooo. I do feel huge already – gosh knows what I will feel like in a few months! I can also feel where my uterus is, I think mainly because it is only on the left because of the wonky shape that I have – I am wondering if my tummy is going to look lopsided later on – that will be weird!!

We had our 16 week OB appointment on Wednesday and all went swimmingly well!! He said that all of my ultrasounds and tests were perfect and we got to hear JBB’s heartbeat again – is there any more gorgeous sound! The doc confirmed that I have low blood pressure and so I have to be careful not to get overheated (hard when the air-conditioning at work is only working 60% - I tell you, as soon as my meetings are done, I get home to the air-con asap, it’s Autumn now in Melbourne but the weather has still been pretty hot – especially this last week!!). I also cannot stand for too long and must keep myself well hydrated, all fairly easy things to do which is fine! That is it for the JBB update – all going fabulously well, yay!

Work: I have been very, very busy as four more sites went live this week and it wasn’t the best go live that I have ever had. I am glad to have the work but am hoping that it won’t be as stressful over the coming few months. JourneyMan has also found out that his role will be finishing up at the end of April so he has been applying to every job going around and he has some promising prospects. I am not stressed right now but I will be if he doesn’t get a job soon!

Home: Well it is spreadsheets galore in preparation for the great renovation!! We are gradually getting started on things and hopefully it will all get done fairly quickly so that the house won’t be a dysfunctional mess for much longer!!

Sorry for the long post – I swear I will catch up on my reading and commenting soon!!


  1. I wondered where you had gone. Glad you had a second to update and that everything is going so well with the baby. I miss hearing the heartbeat. A lot. I sent my doppler to a pregnant friend of mine last week and it is so hard to think about not needing it back. :(

    Can youy feel fetal movement yet? I was about 6 months along before I realized that the rythmic thumps were Baby Bean with hiccups. I used to love it when she got hiccups. Sweet little bug.

    I'm glad that everything is going so great, despite being so busy. It will be nice when things slow down a bit and we can all get back to blogging.

    Loads of love!

  2. So glad to hear that everything is going okay! I haven't seen a post from you in while (although I must admit that I haven't been posting much lately, either). Low blood pressure must be scary, I have quite the opposite with it being high. Although it's medicated, so it's under control. Low blood pressure would scare me.

  3. I'm just catching up on your last few posts. Congratulations, on a boy! And so happy to hear that things are going well for you!