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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Emotions run rife amid renovation chaos!!

My emotions have gone crazy. I am sad, then happy, then angry - boy there is a lot of angry happening - I am up, down all over the place. Honestly, I am really trying to control things but I am finding it almost impossible. Add to that the renovations have started in earnest. JourneyMan and I have spent the weekend ripping out the kitchen, ripping up the revolting lino and getting quotes for everything else that we need done.
When we ripped out the lino in the kitchen, we found that it was covered with a black rubber paper like underlay that had heaps of glue and staples in it. We spent most of today trying to scrape the black crap up and pull out all of the staples. Thankfully all of the staples are out but the black stuff is as stubborn as all get out. Add to this the fact that I have hurt my back doing the scraping and JourneyMan has cold or some sort of sinus thing going on and it is misery city at our house.
We have soooo much to do this week, we need to repair some of the plasterboard because a hole was put in it when the rip out happened, we need to finish the floor in the kitchen. The appliances get delivered on Tuesday, the plumber and electrician come for the fit out on Wednesday and the kitchen is due to be installed on Thurday. I really hope that we get everything done!! JourneyMan starts his new job tomorrow and since he is not feeling well, it is going to be a bit tough for him.
The next 6 weeks are going to be pretty hideous getting the kitchen finished off, finishing all of the painting details, getting the splashback and laundry tiled and then the floorboards polished (we need to move out for around 10 days when this happens) but the great thing will be that the house will then be completely done!! I am hoping to have all of it done by the 15th July, then JourneyMan and I have a Baby Moon planned for the weekend of the 16-17 of July and I will be finished work by then too - I am hoping that we can have a really nice relaxing weekend with everything done in the house!!
In JBB news, he is very active lately which makes me very happy!! I had the second last scan last Friday and the cervix was down to 30mm - they didn't seem worried so I am trying not to as well. I have an appointment with the OB this Wednesday where I will have the gestational diabetes screening - hopefully I will be all clear!
Oh well, I am off for an early night and work and more scaping tomorrow.....


  1. That sounds like a great plan. The time will go so fast and JBB will be here :) I can't believe you are 27 weeks already! Good luck with all the reno - that stuff is so stressful but definitely worth the effort in the end.

    Sorry I haven't been commenting. I'm still reading though and just caught up with the past month of posts today.

  2. I hope everything is OK with you all. Hope JourneyMan's job start went to plan and that he is over his lurgy. I would imagine that the reno is underway and that you shouldn't be doing much of it yourself at the moment. Now whats a Baby Moon? Can't wait for your next post :)