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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I am sure that you are all sick to death of the talk about the cramps but my goodness, they are pretty bad at the moment. I feel like I only really had a week or so of a reprieve when I started the progesterone and now they have come back with a vengeance, tonight is particularly bad. At last Friday's scan, my cervix had also shortened, not significantly (4mm - am hoping it is just the difference in the measuring by the sonographer) but enough to worry me. Cap that off with the fact that JourneyMan has finished his job and has not got a new one yet, I am in a bit of a hole of worry. I am hoping like hell that the cervix hangs in there because we need the money from my job right now - I am feeling quite alot of pressure. Don't get me wrong, JourneyMan is doing everything possible to get a job but I am feeling quite breathless with the crushing weight of responsibility right now.
My Dad also seems to be deteriorating quite rapidly. He had been in the hospital for 3 weeks but he got out just in time for him and Mum to go with some friends to Norfolk Island, I think it will be the last time he can go on holiday. The specialists have reiterated that there is nothing further that they can do about the hydrocephalus but they also said that he would deteriorate much quicker if he got any infections and he has had pneumonia which hasn't helped matters. It is such a tough situation because he cannot reason about the situation and is getting more agressive and paranoid as time goes on.
On the positive side of things, JBB has been moving around like crazy. JourneyMan has even felt it a couple of times and his face was fabulous when he felt him do a big kick.
I am trying to relax as much as possible but at the moment, I am finding it quite tough. I am hoping JBB is going well. I am hoping that the cervix is all good at this Friday's check. I am hoping JourneyMan gets a job really soon. I am hoping my Dad finds some peace within himself.


  1. I'm sorry you've got so much stress in your life right now. Remember to take a deep breath every once in a while. BIG HUGS!

  2. Sounds like there are a lot of things in your life right for you to worry about! I hope you have a good cervix check Friday and the cramps go away again. Hang in there as best you can. It sounds like you are in good hands with your OB and they are keeping in eye on you.

  3. Oh sweetie, I can just imagine how stressed you must be. That is a lot to shoulder right now. JourneyMan will find a job soon, and that will alleviate some of the stress. I am sorry to hear about your dad. That has got to be so difficult. I also hope he finds some peace. Poor guy.

    Good luck at your appointment on Friday. I hope everything is going well with JBB. I saw a baby delivery-type show with a woman who had the same problem you do with the double uterus. She was giving birth to her third and final child. She was full term, and delivery naturally, as she had done with the two before her. I pray that you are able to carry to term.

    Hang in there sweetie.


  4. Thinking of you and hoping for the best with your different situations.

    And I'm glad to hear JBB moving lots! :)

  5. Goodness - pregnancy is worrying enough without everything else on top. I'll pump you up with some lovely cliches - try to let go of everything you can't control and just focus on the you moving JBB. Everything works out the way it is meant to........that's all I have got LOL

    Reality nothing is going to make you stop worrying so maybe plug some music into your ears for a little time each day and just try and escape for a bit???

  6. I'm hoping for a good doctor's appointment for you on Friday. There's just so much stress for you right now. Try to relax. The cramps may be strong braxton-hicks contractions. I hope you mention it to your doctor and they check it out.

  7. I have a unicornuate uterus as well and now have a 15-month-old baby girl after a complicated pregnancy. I just wanted to chime in and say that it sounds like you are doing all the right things, and being as vigilant as possible. Don't dismiss *any* symptoms. You'll probably be fine -- something like 75% of UU pregnancies make it to 36 weeks or farther. But with a UU, it's best to go to the doctor whenever you're in doubt. Good luck!

  8. How did your scan go on Friday? All ok still I hope. Can't wait to see your update and I hope those cramps have backed off some what.