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Friday, December 30, 2011

Thai massage...

Project Relax is going very well, there have been movies watched (Sherlock Holmes & Mission Impossible), baths taken (very hot because I am hoping that I won't be able to have them in a couple of days for quite.a few months), yoga for fertility done, hypnosis sessions listened to and much blissfully uninterrupted reading done - it has been very nice. I have also been partaking of some Thai massages but unfortunately for me over the past couple of days, the masseuses have been from the 'banging your head against a brick wall because it feels good when it stops' school of massage and quite frankly, I feel like I have been beaten up with a cricket bat. I have had some nice quiet time by the pool and have now retreated to my room to nurse my sore muscles.

I am also going to work on my transfer day schedule tonight and have a chat with JourneyMan and my Bestie. I need a transfer day schedule because the last transfer day was a bit of a debacle. I took all the post transfer herbs before the transfer, I completely forgot to bring the acupuncture intradermals, I got lists on the way to the clinic and was dripping in sweat when I finally got there and I had the most painful foot massage of all time. The bed rest after the transfer was laughable because there was not much rest going on with JBB romping around the place and plus, they said no lifting heavy things but if JBB was crying, there was not much that I could do but pick him up and comfort him.

The point is, these things are all within my power to change. I don't know whether they will make the difference between success and failure but I am certainly going to try to get to the transfer as relaxed as possible this time. In addition, the bed rest will be just that, rest only. So, tomorrow, I am ending my 2011 by making the final preparations for the transfer. Basically, tomorrow is really my last day to do anything because I will be on strict bed rest until I leave for the airport on the 3rd at about 9pm.

Whilst it has been very nice resting here in Bangkok (though resting and Bangkok don't usually go together in a sentence) I am still completely focussed on why I am here and that is to get JBB a sibling or two (if we are really lucky!!!).


  1. Happy relaxing and good luck w/ the transfer and bedrest!!!

  2. yay for relaxing. hoping this is the time that gets JBB a sibling!