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Monday, December 5, 2011

JBB Update

JBB has Kawasaki disease but he has responded very well to treatment. We are home now and he is tucked up safe in his bed but this weekend has been the most harrowing of all of our lives. Saturday was absolutely horrible.

Thankfully, the fever has broken, his eyes are almost back to normal and the lump on his neck is reducing. He has had studies done on his heart but they are more of a baseline, he will need to be assessed again in 6-8 weeks as the heart damage can happen from now. Thankfully, the odds for that go from 30% of children affected getting heart defects to 3% if treated early, which he was.

I am absolutely exhausted and I am still very worried about our beautiful little miracle child but I am thankful that I followed up with the doctor, I am thankful that he sent us to the hospital, I am thankfully that the hospital recognized the symptoms straight away and I am thankful for the love, help and support that were showered on us over the weekend, we are one lucky family. Thank you all for your comments of support, I really appreciate it.

I will update further when I can, for the moment, I need my bed and about 1000 hours of sleep.


  1. Phew -- positive update and it sounds like JBB is getting great care which is tremendous. I hope that trend continues and that you all will be able to manage this as easily as possible. Hope you all get good rest. We're thinking of you out here!

  2. Oh thank God he's doing better! But you sound so sad and exhausted! Please take care, snuggle in and hopefully get lots of sleep!

  3. So pleased your wee one is home and things are looking hopeful. Wishing you and him some good quality sleep.

  4. Oh goodness, I am just catching up and so sorry to hear this news. Your family is in my thoughts. May your little guy return to his happy healthy bouncing self in record time!

  5. Sounds like JBB got what he needed. And I hope you get some much needed sleep.

  6. Oh I'm so relieved that he is improving. What an awful experience for you all.