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Thursday, December 15, 2011

We are go for Thailand 2.1!!!! 12 Days to go!!!

Well, I am hugely relieved today. My lining is thin as all get out so the Melbourne Fertility Specialist has given the go ahead for the cycle, I am very excited and feeling quite positive about it. I am also feeling much better than yesterday because I had a good night’s sleep last night!! I got to bed early and then JBB didn’t come in to bed about 3am and spared me the head butts, punches and kicks!! Just on JBB very quickly – he is improving more and more every day, which is a super relief!! He absolutely hates having his asprin every night but it is worth the tears if we can minimise any damage to his little heart.

So, now that I am officially going – I feel a whole new lease of energy (it also could be the good night sleep that I had!!), I have soooo much to do but I am happy to get it all done!! I am going to miss my boys terribly but hopefully this will be successful, I will carry the pregnancy well and then we are blessed with a new baby (or two!) to complete our family and then we will be finished with IF forever!!

Here are the pertinent dates for the Cycle:

14 December – Start taking Progynova 3 X Daily
14 December – Continue Clexane injections daily
27 December – Fly our to Thailand (leave just after midnight and get in at 5:40am Bangok time
27 December – Go to the clinic for lining check and blood tests
1 January – Transfer

JourneyMan and I have talked in length about the number of embryos that we are going to transfer and we have decided on 2. This is a little bit of a risk because of the unicornuate uterus and the risk of twins but when I spoke to my Fertility Specialist yesterday, though he doesn’t agree with putting 2 embryos back (in anyone, he is all about only one all the time) but he has always maintained that the good side of my uterus is not that much smaller than normal so he said he understands our decision as long as we are willing to accept the consequences of our actions. We have discussed it ad nauseum and if we do end up having twins, we will consider ourselves extremely blessed (no doubt crazy busy and tired but definitely blessed!!).

I am still full of emotions – fear of another failure, scared of missing my boys too much, guilt because it will be nice to have a break, excitement that we have a chance to complete our family and so many more.

Bubsicles – Mummy is coming to get you!!!