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Monday, January 2, 2012

1dp5dt - Bed Rest

Not much to report today as I have been on bed rest all day. The transfer yesterday went well though. In fact, I really don't think that it could have gone any better and if these things actually matter, then hopefully we are staring down the barrel of a positive result!!

I started off the day with an hypnosis mp3 and then did my yoga, another hypnosis mp3, took my tablets and herbs, had a nice breakky and then headed off to my massage and head massage. This was truly blissful and honestly, I couldnt have been any more relaxed if I tried. I removed the before transfer intradermals and marked the places where the post intradermals would go and then had a nice hot bath.

I got to the clinic in plenty of time to have lunch downstairs and then it was time to go up to the clinic. This time they gave me a Xan.anx which was very pleasant and the transfer did not hurt, thank goodness. I listened to my hypnosis mp3 another couple of times post transfer and then it was time to go back to the hotel. I had an amazing sleep last night but am now very much looking to get home to my boys.

Today was non eventful and there definitely have been no symptoms, only some very light cramps that are barely worth mentioning. Yesterday before the transfeer, the pervasive feeling that I had was that 'I'm ready', today my stupid mind has kicked into gear and now I am worried about the quality of blastys and also what will happen if it is not a positive result.

I am trying very hard to be positive but my I am finding it difficult. It is going to be a long 9 days.

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  1. Lots of baby dust to you! So glad you are finding the ability to relax. Cheers to a speedy nine days!