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Sunday, September 13, 2009

An update....(can't think of snappy title)

Okay, I’m back to myself again now. We have decided on our trip details and we are leaving to go to Thailand on 10 December and returning on 24 December. We will stay in Bangkok for 8 nights and then go by train to a coastal town called Hua Hin for some rest and relaxation. You will be happy to know that I have started a spreadsheet – whoo hoo, I’m back!! So much to organise. I am going to book the flights tomorrow, I have already researched the best ones as well as the hotels we will be staying at. You will be pleased to know that I have counted the days until we leave (87) and to the pregnancy test (104) so all is right with the world again. Here is the timeline of main events:

29 October – Start taking birth control pill
20 November – Last birth control pill
24 November – AF due
26 November – Start Progynova 3 times daily10 December – Start Clexane, fly to Bangkok
12 December – Thai doctor appointment
13 December – Donor egg collection / sperm retrieval
18 December – Embryo transfer / train to Hua Hin
23 December – Fly to Melbourne
28 December – Pregnancy test, queue celebration!

It is nice to have it all worked out nicely – there are plenty of things that I need to get done this week, so I am going to write a list:

· Book flights to Thailand
· JourneyMan find passport (grrf, he still hasn’t found it)
· Book in to see Melbourne Fertility Specialist to get prescriptions for Progynova, Crinone
· Call for blood test results (did I tell you that I had about 7 vials of blood drawn for tests last week?!?!?)
· Book in at Post Office for Passport renewal

On a personal note, it has been a roller coaster of a weekend. JourneyMan has been sick, he has had a cold and has been coughing so much he can hardly breathe, the poor thing. He has been banned from going to work tomorrow so that he can rest and get better.

Last night I went to the football (Note: Following Australian rules football is like a religion in Melbourne, I follow a team hated by anyone else who doesn’t follow them – or ‘barrack’ for them – as we say) – it was a crazy close match but we were jubilant to have won to the Preliminary final next week. The sad part is that my Dad has hydrocephalus – ‘water on the brain’. He has been deteriorating over the past years and it has been getting harder and harder to deal with. I have always been a Daddy’s girl and since I was very young, I went to the footy with him every week, unfortunately, he now is having great difficulty in going because he cannot walk any distances. The worst part about it is that he seems to be in denial over the condition and is becoming more and more argumentative and aggressive with everyone around him. I am finding him quite hard to relate to because he is very much stuck in a victim, blaming everyone mood (a small example of this was when I asked him if he had gotten a present or even a card for my Mum for her birthday, he said ‘you were supposed to ring me and tell me what to get’). Anyway, he didn’t come to the footy last night mainly because he was supposed to be in the hospital having a knee reconstruction last Monday but it was cancelled because his temperature had gone up a couple of degrees so we didn’t get him a ticket. Anyway, to cut a very, very long story short – I realised tonight that he is now almost unrecognisable as my Dad anymore which is upsetting beyond belief. I knew it was happening, it has just been happening so gradually over time that it has snuck up on me.

So, that is what I am contemplating at the moment, the Dad that I miss, I can’t remember even the last time that I caught a glimpse of the man that I grew up with. I miss him.


  1. Yay your plans are coming together! Very exciting :)

    I'm sorry to hear about your dad... that's got to be a horrible thing to go through (for him of course but for you and your family as well).


  2. Woohoo about the cycle plans. I am very optimistic on your behalf. ;)

    That is so sad about your dad. It is so hard to watch them age and illnesses take them over. My dad has Parkinsons, and I know it is so hard to watch a dibilitating disease slowly take him over. I can completely sympathize with you on that front.