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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good news, bad news and a quick update!

The bad news is that I think I have Journey Man’s cold. I am very headachy and coughing and have a runny nose and am feeling quite miserable. I spent pretty much all of the weekend on the couch because of very bad AF cramps so I am not feeling at my best at the moment. I also have to apologise sincerely for my very bad commenting form in ICLW – I was hopeless, so I am going to try and make it up over the next couple of weeks. Thank you to all of you who have made comments, it has made me feel very supported – you gals are fab!

The good news is that we are moving quickly towards Thailand and I am very excited. I am also feeling quite organised – I have my spreadsheet going great guns – so it is all action. I have the appointment with the Melbourne Fertility Specialist next week to get my prescriptions for the various drugs – birth control pill, Progynova and my great friend, Crinone. I still have adjustments to my gastric band leading up to the trip but the appointment with the specialist will be the last until I get to Thailand – wow, what a novelty!

My friend whose baby shower I went to, had a baby girl yesterday – I am very happy for her. She now has two children, a boy and a girl the lucky thing. This does make me sad for myself sometimes. I was supposed to catch up with a bunch of friends on the weekend but didn’t because I felt so crap from AF. I am expecting a rash of second pregnancies coming up soon – I hope I can handle it okay. I hope to catch up with all my friends again at some point but even though I have told a couple of them about Thailand – I don’t want everyone to know because I don’t want the questions about success when we get back – is this selfish? I don’t know, I am not really that sure.

I know that I have been promising this for a while but I will definitely get back on to the IVF history and talk about how we came to the decision to go to Thailand for the donor egg cycle.

Till next time!

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  1. Hey Gorgeous!

    I am a first time poster, long time you mind if I ask you a question - for my own very shellfish reasons??

    With infertility, body issues, a marriage, a business, a job (to name but a few things) we know you to be an extrmely motivated person. I am *guessing* (I can only guess when it comes to motivation) that this is not a state you have magically arrived in...and that it takes constant work.

    So I am wondering....if you are willing to share some of the secrets of becoming (and staying!) a motivated person.

    Your Desperately Unmotivated Matey! x