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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A boy and his dog

I have been meaning to write about the burgeoning relationship between JBB and JourneyDog for a long time but today there was a cute incident that meant I just had to post about it. Of course in the beginning we did all of the things that you are meant to do when you have a dog and bring home a baby. We played crying babies on utube for JourneyDog to get used to the noise, we put the gate up to JBB's room months earlier so that JourneyDog would be used to not going in there and JourneyMan brought home a blanket from the hospital so that JourneyDog would become familiar with JBB's smell. When I came home with JBB, JourneyDog didn't know quite what to make of this little noisy bundle.

When I would get up for feeds in the middle of the night, JourneyDog would come and sit on my lap, the feeding pillow would go over the top and JBB would go on the pillow - this would happen during the day as well so I think that JourneyDog felt comfortable in the fact that he is still a loved member of the family. He still sleeps in our room and he is always with JBB and I throughout the day. There has not been that much change to his life (though now he knows when JBB is getting fed and sits under the chair waiting for any food to drop - this can be problematic cos getting pumpkin or carrots out of a white woolly coat is a real bitch) and he seems as happy as ever, which makes me very happy because so many people told me that as soon as a baby came along, JourneyDog would be banished to the backyard. I was determined for this not to happen, he was my baby when I wasn't able to have a baby, he comforted me when I was upset, he was there for me to shower love on - how could this love change? It most definitely hasn't - I love him just the same now that I have my beloved JBB.

When JourneyMan and I found out that we were having a boy, we hoped that JBB and JourneyDog would grow to be best mates. We talked about finding JourneyDog snuggled at the bottom of JBB's bed when he was older, we imagined a beautiful friendship between them. It has been touching over these past months to see a relationship developing between these two. One day, I saw a lovely moment when JBB was in his playgym on his tummy and JourneyDog came by. They looked at each other for a moment and JourneyDog started wagging his tail - it made me smile. When JBB goes in his Jolly Jumper, I throw JourneyDog's soft toys for him to run and bring back which makes JBB laugh. When JBB cries, JourneyDog looks at JourneyMan or I in askance as if to say 'the baby is upset, please help him!'. If JourneyDog is sitting on my lap while JBB is asleep and he starts to cry, JourneyDog will get off my lap straight away because he knows that I am going to get him.

Today, JBB was not too happy. He'd had his 6 month immunisations and was a bit out of sorts. He was on the floor playing when he started to cry. I went to go to him but JourneyDog got there first. He gave him a little lick on the cheek to see if it cheered him up and when that didn't work, he went and got his soft toy to play with in front of him, which I can only think was to cheer him up. Sure enough, JBB started to laugh at JourneyDog's antics. It brought tears to my eyes, what a beauty of a dog he is. I hugged them both for a long time (and of course JourneyDog got a little liver treat).

It makes me so happy that both of my little boys are getting along!!


  1. Oh wow! How cute is that! I wish our dogs could have lived long enough to have that kind of relationship with Isobel. What a lovely pair! Warms my heart!

  2. Aww - I love this post. How very precious. Also, don't mean to laugh at your misery, but I giggled reading about JourneyDog waiting for food and getting orange on his white coat... :)