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Saturday, March 12, 2011

5 failed IVF cycles rest in peace....

We had a hard road to our son. I thought (as I am sure everyone does) that our first IVF cycle would be a walk in the park and that I would be one of the lucky ones that got pregnant straight away, after all - there was nothing wrong with me, or so we thought. I have documented previously what followed and there is a summary on top of this blog but basically what happened was that the first cycle was cancelled and I was absolutely shocked when this happen, it had not even entered my thoughts. The second cycle I had no eggs at pick up. The third cycle I got one egg that fertilised but did not implant. I had a laparoscopy and found that I have one kidney and two uteruses and mega amounts of endo (they can't get all of it as it is right on my bowell). We took a break and I took DHEA (without consulting my fertility specialist) and I got 6 eggs at pick up, 2 of which fertilised but no implantation. The DHEA caused the endo to run rampant so I had to have another laparoscopy and I also had a lap band put in to lose weight. I lost 45kg's before our 5th cycle in a last ditch attempt to create some good eggs. Alas this was not to be, this cycle was also cancelled.

So, why am I reliving these horrible times? Well because I was chatting to JBB this week and I realised that I am glad that these cycles didn't work. Don't get me wrong, I still wish that JourneyMan and I could have sex at the right time of the month and boom, 9 months later we would have another baby but what I realised that I am grateful down to my bones is that we weren't successful with my eggs because if we were, JBB wouldn't exist. He is a special guy. His laughter can clear away all bad thoughts in my head. His cries of pain (he is teething at the moment) elicit an overflowing of maternal comfort. He is beautiful, he is clever, he is precious.

It feels good for those cycles to not have power over me anymore. There was a lot of grief there. They changed me irrevocably but at the end of the day, their failure brought me the greatest happiness of my life. I don't want to go all kumbaya on your arses but finally I have realised that these cycles that I thought bought me the most sadness in my life, actually opened the door to the greatest happiness.


  1. That's exactly how I feel about my wee boy - also a donor egg baby. I can't imagine how I could love another child any more than I love him and my only regret is that I didn't give up on my own eggs sooner!

  2. Thank you for this post as we, barring a ridiculous miracle (?) with our own parts, head towards the donor world in the coming months.

  3. Sometimes it is hard to realize in the moments of pain, but everything we go through takes us just where we need to be for the future blessings to manifest themselves. I have learned that through our journey as well. I think back over the 5.5 years I have been married to my husband and how even though difficult situations arose, they always seemed to be for a reason. Each circumstance lead to a change for the better. I honestly can't look back and be upset at anything bad that happened because each moment was followed by a different, new kind of joy.

    You know you have lived a good life when you can look back and say, "I wouldn't change a thing."

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