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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Time is marching on!!

Cripes - I realised that I hadn't posted in 3 weeks, honestly - it felt like only 3 days ago time is moving so quickly!! Motherhood is wonderful, I am loving every minute of it and JBB is growing like a little weed!!
He has started to smile which is absolutely heart melting and I am constantly trying to make him smile all the time which I am sure is quite exhausting for him. He has teased us a few times with some long sleeps - one night he slept for 6 hours and one night he slept for 7 hours (which was bliss!!) but for the most part he is sleeping for around 3-4 hours at a time.
I feel like I have settled in to motherhood now. At the beginning I was worried every minute that I was doing something wrong or that I was going to hurt him. Now that things have settled down a bit, I am feeling more confident that I can settle him if he is crying or attend to whatever need that he has at a time. I am starting to trust myself with him a bit more.
We have also started talking about when we are going back to Thailand to get a little brother or sister for JBB and we are hoping to go back in July next year - whoo hoo, I am very excited!! JourneyMan couldn't believe that I wanted to do it so quickly but there are some practical reasons to get moving so soon - firstly, I am going to be turning 40 next year and I would like to be pregnant again before I hit the big four O. Secondly, the OB has said that your body stays more prepared for another pregnancy for 12 months after the birth of the first one so as always, I would like to give myself the best chance of conceiving so that is the main reason that we will go back.
The days seem to speed by at the moment - I have had a lot on and I am hoping that it will settle down a bit over the next month. I think that JBB and I have been going out a bit too much lately - I am going to try to stay home a bit more over the next month. I think that after not driving for 6 weeks, I got a bit carried away and started going out to too many places!! I went to the OB at 6 weeks and all was excellent, which was great.
I did have a momentous occasion at 6 weeks - I was able to stop the blood thinning injections. Whoo hooo - that was a great day since I had been having hte daily injections since November and I was pretty over it (though I do think it was a critical factor in the success of my conception and pregnancy of JBB so I will not complain too much!!). Now I only take my vitamins every day which is lovely!
I took JBB in to work on Wednesday and boy was he a show stopper. He had bit smiles for all the girls - I think he is going to be a heart breaker for sure!!
Well, I have to catch up on some reading - I promise to post more often!!


  1. wow - I am impressed at your plans for JB v. 2! I didn't know that about your body staying ready for another pregnancy for the first year! Wait until I tell my honey - she is going to freak out! She is already worried about me birthing this one, and does not want me to have to go through this all again. But I am an old old lady at 42 yrs old - so I got you beat.
    Are you going to post pics of JBB? Just curious!He sounds adorable!!!!
    You sound like you are really getting the hang of things now!
    Good job, mama!

  2. I can't even tell you how happy I am that you are going to try for another baby. It seriously brought a smile to my face.

    Motherhood just gets better and better with each passing day. It gets easier because you start to know what you're doing, and it gets better because you get to actually see your child learning and advancing day by day.

    I still remember when I saw my daughter's first real smile. I will never forget it.

    Glad to hear you are doing so well. Sending my love!

  3. I mighta known you'd be chomping at the bit to go in search of JBBS (Journey Baby Boy's Sibling) you dear, sweet, possibly insane, friend!

    Whatever that energy you run on is, will you please bottle it so the rest of us might be able to crank things up a little.

    'I don't know how she does it!' Clunk, clunk (sound of me shaking my head!)

    LS x