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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Come with me if you dare....

I thought that I would be married by the time I was 25. I thought that I would have 2 - 3 children by the time I was 30. I thought that my life would be *gasp* sorted out by the time the new millenium arrived!

As it happens, my life didn't turn out that way. There are many, many fantastically wonderful things that have happened in my life. I have travelled extensively, I have a wonderful family and brilliant friends but I found myself in my 30's, single and considering that I may not have the life of my dreams. Don't get me wrong, I loved being single - well around 85% of the time but down deep I wanted to meet a nice man, get married and have children.

I have never been a person that 'didn't want' children, I have always wanted to have kids of my own. After many years of being single, I had to contemplate that I may not have the opportunity. Happily, I met my gorgeous husband and we married 2 years ago (yesterday!). We started 'trying' for kids almost immediately and I say 'trying' because my husband had had a vasectomy so we basically went straight on to IVF.

After 5 unsuccessful IVF ICSI cycles, a vasectomy reversal and 2 laparoscopy's, can a girl who has a unicornuate uterus, one kidney and a blood clotting disorder get pregnant through donor eggs via a donor in Thailand? We have just begun to explore this option and this blog is to express my feelings and fears along the way.
I have followed many blogs over my own journey and wanted to create my own. Want to come along?

Journey Girl

1 comment:

  1. Hello Journey Girl!

    It is so nice to see another Aussie on the way to DEs!

    Thailand? I never thought of Thailand as a possible destination for so-called 'fertility tourism' I will be interested to read of how you made this discovery.

    Although DEs provide no guarantee of success, there certainly is a relief from the pressure of the constant criticism of your own eggs and body once DEs become your preferred option.

    I will be watching your journey with great interest!

    Best wishes.

    LS x