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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Overtired baby

We had a very big weekend. JBB and I went swimming again on Friday and then we had lunch and went to see my Dad who had just gotten out of the hospital. On Saturday we all trekked to the country for our brother in law's birthday party - the drive was a killer, roadwork everywhere, so it took way longer than it normally does!! We got home after 9pm (I know, not hugely late but we had been out all day). On Sunday, we went around to my Mum and Dad's place for a birthday party for our niece's 11th birthday. On Sunday night, JourneyMan went to the movies with his best mate for his birthday.

In short, people, we had a very busy weekend and what we ended up with was one overtired little baby. He normally doesn't cry too much but Sunday and Monday were full of mega screams. He was so tired that he wouldn't sleep for more than 10mins without waking up and screaming. I ended up holding him for both of his morning sleeps (generally he has a short sleep at around 8:30am and then a longer one at around 11:30) but by the afternoon, he had a lovely, long afternoon nap and was back to his chipper, smiley self.

It was a good lesson. There wasn't that much we could do about the fact that we had two birthday's on the weekends but I learned that I must put JBB's schedule front and centre. I also learned that if we do have a busy time that we need to make sure that there is a down day right after so that he can catch up on his sleep. That being said, he is a very social baby so I definitely need not deprive him of outings, he loves the stimulation. He is having a nice long morning nap right now and then we are going to go for a walk up to the shops.

Here are some cutie pie pics that my auntie took when we were out to lunch a couple of weeks ago!!


  1. Oh wow he is sooooooo cute! I know what you mean about doing too much - it wears everyone out!

  2. He is seriously so cute. I wish I could hold him. What a sweet little guy. Weekends like that can be tough on adults, let alone babies. I'm just glad you got him to finally get in a good sleep. What a precious little man.