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Monday, February 11, 2013

A whole lotta stuff going on….

The last couple of weeks have been very busy indeed.  Here’s an update on what’s been going on:


I have been to see the OB and he is not too worried.  He is so okay with my progress that he has booked in the Ceasar for 7 May – 38 weeks & 4 days which is pretty ambitious considering all of my risk factors but if that is what the Doc thinks, I am super happy and I will be ecstatic to get to the 7th of May.  I did have another scan last week to check to see if the cervix had settled and it has – though the numbers were a little weird, I did speak to the doctor about the scan and he is very happy about it.

Boo2 has been very active these past couple of weeks.  Kicking like mad, he is still breech so most of the kicks are right down the bottom in the under regions, if you get my meaning.  With JBB he kicked quite a bit but this Boo2 seems to be a bit more active, also JBB never hurt with his kicking but I have had a few swift suck in breaths as a result of some kicks from Boo2.  I am happy every time that I feel him move, I am just so glad that he there, growing and moving.  I am very, very excited to meet this active little boy – not too soon, the 7th of May is absolutely soon enough, little man!

The cramps seem to be a bit more under control, thank goodness.  Mostly, I have found that if they arrive and I can lie down pretty much straight away, they don’t progress to the stage where I can barely walk.  When I spoke to my doctor, the one thing that I was most worried about was that I would dismiss labour as a bad case of cramps – he has said that I must time them and if they last for a minute and are five minutes apart, to call him.  I know it sounds strange that I would ask this but I have never been in labour, I am not 100% sure that I would recognise it – I mean der!!  I have also been trying to rest with my feet up as much as humanly possible.  I have been experiencing quite a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions, they don’t hurt, just something that I am aware of.

The other thing about this pregnancy is that I am absolutely huge.  I am retaining masses of fluid, the weather has been hot, hot, hot but that is summer in Australia, bloody hot.  We have been experiencing some cooler nights though just in the last week which has been nice.  In the afternoon and evening, I have absolutely burning hands and feet.  I hate to have anything on them and they have been so bad some days that I have gotten some ice bricks out of the freezer to hold in my hands to cool them and I can’t bear to have anything covering my hands and feet overnight – so I just have the doona over my middle – crazy!!  We still have a while to go of hot yet, it won’t really cool down for another month or so yet.

The other crazy thing that has been happening is that I have been having all sorts of crazy dreams – mainly of loved ones dying.  I keep waking up sobbing my eyes out.  I think I am doing a lot of working through my grief in my sleep.  I did have a dream about my Nanna and she was alive.  I talked to her and was with her for awhile but then she died again but when I woke up (crying) after the dream, even though it was still a really sad dream, I felt that my Nanna was with me and that Boo2 was being taken care of.  I haven’t been as worried since.

The Wedding

My younger sister got married on Friday night and it was the most wonderfully, beautiful night.  We had been dreaming of this day for her for a long, long time.  My Mum and I have been doing a lot of helping over the past weeks and it has been very busy but it was worth it – it was just fabulous.  The man that she has married is of Indian heritage so it was a lovely blend of Western and Hindu traditions.  We had some drama’s over the past month or so.  Originally, she had picked a dress for a garden wedding – this is because they were going to have a small, immediate family only wedding in October – they were hoping our Dad was going to be able to attend but when he died, they postponed it to a night wedding in February. She wanted to change her dress 3 weeks before the wedding day and when she originally called the bridal shop they said it was okay because they thought she was talking about next year.  By the time that we all realised the error, she was only able to pick a couple of different dresses.  Honestly, she is the only person I know who could go to a shop and all of the sample sizes fit her so thankfully, she had some options (if it was me, there would have been a snowballs chance in hell).  In the end, she got the most beautiful dress – she looked like a movie star.  

It was a lovely night but I couldn’t help but be in tears for much of it.  When my brother walked her down the aisle, I couldn’t help but think of my Dad and how much he would have wanted to be there, giving her away (my brother was amazing though).  There were beautiful tributes to Dad all night and I can’t even think about it without tears streaming down my face (as they are right now).  I am pretty sure that Dad was with us there on Friday night and I know that he would be over the moon happy for my sister.

That being said, there has been a super amount of work  that has gone into the wedding and I am glad that it is now over and I can concentrate what little energy that I have on getting ready for our little Boo2.  We were lucky enough to stay at the hotel the night of the wedding and JBB went with his Nanna after the ceremony so he could be in bed as close to his bedtime as possible.  JourneyMan and I had a lovely sleep in on Saturday morning and enjoyed breakfast with the Newlyweds (and a gang of others) before they flew out to Hawaii.  On Saturday, I slept from 10pm to 10am I was so exhausted and Sunday was a lovely family day, JourneyMan took JBB for his swimming lessons on Sunday morning and we all went to the park in the afternoon.  I am just soooo happy for my sister, she has all she has wished for in her life, a wonderful man and a gorgeous baby, it is just so amazing to see her so happy.

My Bestie

The other thing that has happened is that my bestie has found a lump in her breast.  I did know that she was going for the test but she didn’t tell me that they found something in January.  Her Mum has had both breasts removed because of cancer.  I am shocked, upset and worried but am trying to not look at any possibilities (except that it’s nothing) until there is something to be worried about.  This is my person, the one who has known me for the longest (apart from my family) and I just don’t want anything to happen to her.  At the moment, I am just trying to be there for her at this super scary time.  I am praying that she will get the best news possible on Thursday and all of the worry and uncertainty will be taken away from her.


  1. That is a lot lot lot going on! All good except for your swelling and your dear bestie. I hope that it's nothing and whatever is there is benign. I will be watching the blog anxiously for news.
    It was interesting reading about your hot hands and feet. the last few weeks of pregnancy my feet were so hot and swollen, I would put them in a bowl of cold water and they would warm the water up in minutes!!!! It's a horrible feeling though. Watch out for that swelling and make sure they check your urine regularly.
    The wedding sounded lovely!
    Big hugs to you - so excited to meet your new baby boy!

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  3. Hey girl,

    Sorry I've been absent again lately. I guess that is just how it is going to be with me anymore.

    I am really relieved to hear that everything is going so well with the pregnancy, and that even though you're having some unpleasantness and concern, your doctor isn't worried, and the baby is growing right on target. My little one is transverse and likes to kick south, so I hear you there!

    I am so happy for your sister. The parts about your dad made me cry. It would be incredibly difficult to not miss him on such a big day. I probably would have cried for missing him all day.

    I hope everything is all clear with your bestie too. I know how much she has been there for you these past few years, and how much you love her. She will be in my prayers.

    Sending lots of love!

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