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Friday, August 20, 2010

JourneyMan writes...First son of a first son of a first son.

Here it is!!! I am reminded of this phrase Paul Roos said after Sydney's recent Grand Final win. Now that we are at the end of a long and arduous journey to get JBB,

JourneyGirl's ceaserean was completed over a half hour period. I had this time to sit with JBB on my chest and I was quite content to sit him in the crook of my neck while he stretched and slept and I could have sat there for hours.

I was wondering how I would feel about JBB being conceived with a donor egg, once he had been born. Now that I have met him, I just see my boy and feel a well of love and emotion for him, nothing enters my mind other than his care; the same as if we had conceived him normally. I am very happy with this, I was sure I would love him the same, it is a relief that it has turned out this way.

I would not want to contemplate the emotional state we would be in, had JBB not come along. I know JourneyGirls life is complete in a way it would not have been without JBB, born 6 pouns 8 ounces 835am 19th aug 2010 AEST.

My daydreams are filled with giving him worldly sage-like advice, teaching him to kick a footy & helping him become a loved well rounded person.

JD told me that when we went to the hospital I could stay with her the whole 5 days after JBBs birth. I secretly wondered how I could sneak away for some foxtel & JourneyDog time. Since JBB has been born all I can think about is holding him & listening to his gurgles and assorted baby sounds. Last night I only put him back in his cot because I started to fall asleep and did not want to hurt him.

Originally I was nonplussed about whether I had children or not, I could take it or leave it. Now I am marvelling at JBB and I am glad I did not miss out on the love he has brought to our family.

I thank you all so much for the kinds words & advice to help JourneyGirl along, the best thing for someone worried about the worst outcome is to have some good people to talk through issues with, I think the blogging and support of blog readers has given JG an important outlet for her concerns. Love to all JM.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! And welcome to the world Journey Baby Boy!!!

  2. Thankyou Journey Dad for the update!

    You have bought a tear to the eye of the Wobble and a bit of a sniffle from yours truly.

    Please enjoy these first 5 special days and all the days to come beyond that....

    Special love to Journey Mummy and a great welcome to Journey Baby, you are in good and safe hands young fella!

    Rest well Journey Mummy, and take time and patience to recover well!

    To all the Jouurney Family thank you for sharing your story.

    Love to all!

    Lifeslurper & Wobbles

  3. Congratulations to both of you!! Thanks for the update JM! :)

  4. ooooh congrats! so exciting! say hi to JB and JG for me!

  5. That's fantastic news,glad everything went smoothly, congratulations journey daddy ;)

  6. Oh, yay! Congrats, Journeyfamily!

  7. Just a beautiful post, thanks! and congratulations to you all!

  8. This was a beautiful post, JourneyMan! Thank you for sharing the thoughts of a new dad. So many times, these blogs only share the perspective of the woman, since most of the men (including my Hubby) don't post. Congratulations on being a daddy. Enjoy every minute. The first few weeks go by too quickly.

  9. Isn't it amazing what parenthood does for us? I never in a million years imagined it could be so wonderful. The best thing is, it gets better every single day. I am so glad that JBB has been added to your family. He is so loved and adored, and there won't be a moment in his life where he doesn't know it.

    Congratulations on your new addition!