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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Boo2's Arrival....

We have met our beautiful Boo2 and he is every bit as delightful as promised!!  He arrived on 2 May 2013 at 11:45am, weighing 2.7kg.  He is small but, thankfully, healthy.  Here is the story of how he arrived.

Unsurprisingly, I did not sleep well the night before the Ceasar, I got to sleep okay but I woke up at around 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep until 5:30am and that was only for an hour.  In that time, I couldn’t help but think about my Dad and how Boo2 is his first grandchild that he won’t meet.  I had a bit of a cry – I miss Dad,.

JourneyMan dropped JBB and JourneyDog off at my Mum’s place and then headed in to the hospital where we began the big wait.

I got my gown to wear and JourneyMan was in scrubs and then they took us down to the surgery area.  By this time, I was so nervous, I thought I was going to vomit.  The thought of the spinal was making me so fearful, I didn’t really worry about the actual Ceasarean but I really felt sick abou the spinal. 

Finally it was our time to go in, JourneyMan had to wait outside while I got the spinal and although I didn’t get the electric shocks down my legs (thank goodness), it still was very painful and uncomfortable.  The hardest part was keeping myself hunched over while they poked and prodded my back, I felt like it was really hard to breath.

Finally it was done (for the last time, hurrah!!) and they helped me to lie down and put up the curtain.  JourneyMan came in at this point.  It is such a scary thing that you can feel every touch but not any pain.  I could feel when they opened me up but it was not painful.  I could feel all the pushes and pulls and everything like that.  At one point I started to feel nauseous so they gave me some anti nausea medication and I felt better immediately.

After around 7 short minutes, they announced that Boo2 was just about to be born and sure enough, the next noise I heard was his crying – I started crying immediately, I was filled with absolute and utter joy. 

They took him away straight away to clean him off and clear his airway, JourneyMan went with them.  I was left alone with the doctors stitching me up.  I started to feel very sick when they took out the placenta and unfortunately had a vomit.  They gave me some more anti nausea medication and I started to feel better again. 

After awhile, I noticed that they were taking a huge amount of time with Boo2 and I couldn’t hear him – immediately, I started to panic.  I look around the room for JourneyMan and he smiled and let me know it was okay.  The pediatrician came over and said that Boo2 was born with a large skin tag on his arm and that he had tied it off and that it would drop off over the next week or so.  Other than that, he was absolutely perfectly healthy – a huge relief!!

Very quickly it was all over and we were all being wheeled to recovery.  In recovery, I was able to get the skin on skin time and it was wonderful.  I felt like we were only in recovery for a blink of an eye and then we went back to the room.

The rest of night passed with me still in the bed, I didn’t start to get the feeling back until late afternoon and then I started feeling some serious pain.

The pain was nothing compared to the complete, unadulterated joy that I felt just having our darling Boo2 with us.  It was quite a different feeling than with JBB, really mainly because with JBB I didn’t know what the hell I was doing or what to expect.  This time I feel reasonably confident that we  know how to care for a newborn.

After 9 months of worry, after 6 years of fertility treatments, after operation after operation, drugs, acupuncture, complimentary therapies coming out of our ears – our family is complete and it is amazingly beautiful.

There are no words for how happy I am, there are no words for how lucky I feel.

I am absolutely grateful that our boy is finally here – thank you everyone for your support and comments. 


  1. Oh wow!!!! So many congratulations, my friend! What a long and hard journey you have been on and now here you are with your family of boys!! You're seriously outnumbered!!!! Glad all went well with Boo2. I got nauseous with my c section but they dialed down sthg - anasthesia? And I didn't have to vomit. When are we going to see a picture? Or is that too private for the Internet? I feel like I've seen a picture of your JBB before but maybe I imagined it? Hope you get lots of help and glad you have yummy food at home! PS did they say why he wasn't moving so much or don't they know? How much does he weigh?

  2. Sending so much love from the states to you and your whole family! Well done, mommy! x

  3. Wonderful, wonderful news!! So happy for you all.

  4. Huge, huge, huge congratulations! What a wonderful end to a rough journey. Hugs to you all.

  5. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you, Journey Man, JBB, and of course Journey Dog who is Woolly.

  6. Congratulations mama! Our little babies are only a few days apart. :)

    I am glad to hear that everything went so well, and that Boo2 is here safe and sound. Now the rest of our lives can begin! Its a wonderful feeling, isn't it?

  7. I kept checking back for news and was so thrilled to read all about Boo2. Congratulations! I'm so so happy that things went well. I was very nauseous after my c-section, it was actually the worst part of it for me. I'm so glad that the drugs helped and that you were able to enjoy time with Boo2 and your new little family. I'm just so thrilled for you. So so happy that you've finally reached the destination that it took so long to get to.

  8. I'm way behind in my reading! Congratulations!