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Thursday, November 22, 2012

14 Weeks

Last week, I had a brief reprieve from the total exhaustion that I had been feeling but this week it came back with a vengeance.  Probably not so much from the pregnancy, it is probably more to do with being very busy at work and on top of that - trying to organise my taxes for the year.  This time tomorrow, the taxes will all be done and I will be a lot less stressed, it is one of my least favourite jobs to do and it always comes around so quickly.

Despite the fact that I don't feel great, I am really loving being pregnant.  My tummy has popped out a lot this week and that makes me very happy.  I am really looking forward to meeting this baby and having our family complete.  I still worry but I have not had the heart clenching panic that I had early days.

I was able to tell quite a few friends over the weekend and it was wonderful to have such great news but there is always a tinge of sadness when I tell anyone that I am pregnant because it is so inextricably linked with the death of my Dad.  I feel utter joy that I am pregnant but whenever I tell anyone, I can't help but feel so sad too.

Next week, I am due for the 16 week scan (sorry but the 14 week update is only just slightly before the 15 weeks comes up) and I am really hoping that we can find out the baby's gender.  We have had a girls name picked out for a long, long time but we are very troubled with names if we have a boy!  We cannot agree on a name.  Though if we find out that we are having a boy at least we have got some time up our sleeve to decide.

I have so much happiness in my life.  I am so lucky to have all that I have.  It has been a rough year but just like the weather here in Melbourne, the sun is shining now and I feel like for some precious moments, I can lift my head towards it, close my eyes and soak up its rays.


  1. Sounds like things are going really well. Sorry you are so busy but glad you are enjoying the pregnancy and your bump!
    I'm sorry that its so hard when you are grieving your father's death

  2. As well as the joy of the pregnancy. It's so hard. My mom died exactly a month after Isobel was born. It was hard but the joy of having Isobel with us really helped. Although I don't think I really grieved for her properly. She saw pics of Isobel at least. My dad had been dead two years when she was born. Sorry didn't mean to make it all about me.

  3. Sorry my phone is making it hard to finish a comment. Sending you love and hugs and hoping you can hold your family and friends, JBB and your hubs and woolly dog close to you! Xoxo