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Monday, November 12, 2012

13 Weeks

So, we have made it to the second trimester – YAY!!  I am really happy to report that I had a scan on Friday and everything is going well.  The baby is measuring perfectly and the down syndrome tests came back very low risk.  It was quite funny because I went to the scan on Friday expecting to get the internal scan and huzzah, it was external!!  It was so nice that I didn’t have to drop my dacks at an appointment – what a revelation.

At one point, the ultrasound technician did say that they needed to step out to get the doctor which always sets the heart racing but it turns out they wanted to make sure that they had a good angle for the down syndrome test.  I am pretty used to them going to get the doctor’s though – everyone loves to have a look at the deformed uterus.  Here is a sample of the general conversations that come up:

Technician / doctor – So you know that you have a unicornuate / bicornuate / didelphys uterus? (there is some conjecture about just what type of deformity that I have)

Me:  Yes

Technician:  It’s very interesting.

Me:  So I hear

Technician:  And very rare

Me:  Yes, now how about we check how the baby is doing?

We wanted to find out the baby’s gender if they could but unfortunately, they couldn’t tell.  Of  course, I would love to have a baby girl so that we could have the perfect one of each type of family but I am also keeping my eye on the prize and that is a healthy sibling for JBB – I want both of these babies to grow up having each other and if we have two boys – that’s also fabulous!!

I told my boss at work today.  It was good to have it out in the open (because my guts certainly are getting out there already!) and he was really good about it – he said that my contract could be extended 3 months and asked when I wanted to come back, which was nice considering I am on contract and they are under no obligation to do so.  It did feel strange though saying to people ‘I’m pregnant’.  I mean I have seen the baby squirming in there on the ultrasounds and everything but there was just something about saying it out loud that made me say to myself ‘yes, you actually are pregnant’.  What a nice feeling.  I am actually pregnant.

I have another scan at 16 weeks which is less than 3 weeks away now, which is good.  I am really hoping that we will find out the gender at that time.  So exciting!!  I think that now it is all out in the open, time is going to fly by.  Christmas is not even that long away and on Boxing Day we are going on a family holiday, which I am beside myself excited about – JBB is going to have the time of his life – we are staying in a cabin in a caravan park right on the beach and it has a park and his cousins are going to be there – he is going to be in his element!!


  1. Yay!!! You're doing so well!!! And Christmas sounds like its going to be a blast!!! Keep up the good work!

  2. We just had our NT scan on Tuesday and we got to watch the baby dance for over an hour. It was so wonderful!

    I too, loved the fact that it was an external sono. It made me laugh to have to clean all of the gel out of my belly button at the end.

    We had a tech and the doctor guess at the gender of the baby. It wouldn't sit still well enough for the tech to be able to tell, so she hazarded a guess and then said she wouldn't tell the doctor to see what the doctor thought. The doctor guessed the opposite gender from the tech, but she was able to get a couple of really good shots for her guesses. I'm still waiting until our next sono to tell people outside of family though. I think my next will be a week after yours. I'm excited to find out what you're having!