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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy JBB Creation Day!!

Today is the one year anniversary of the creation of our little popsicle, JBB!! This time last year, we were in Thailand and were anxiously awaiting the fertilisation results. In honour of the one year anniversary of our wonderfully successful trip to Thailand, I took a trip down memory lane this week and re-read my posts of a year ago.

It strikes me that I am quite a different person than I was a year ago. I was totally frenzied. Understandably so, I believe as the stakes were so high. There wasn't a moment unaccounted for in the lead up to the trip, I was either planning, packing, researching, blogging or thinking about the trip and what was going to happen. That being said, once I got there I chilled out enormously. Oh I was still nervous and anxious but definitely more chilled out.

The past year has been the most joyous of my life. Every moment that I look at our darling JBB, I thank goodness that he is in our lives. Even when he is giving us the big oo-wah-aa's, he is delightful!!

In other news, I had a bit of a breakthrough when speaking with my bestie. I was telling her about the counselling and what I had felt and for the first time, I didn't cry when I remembered those first two cycles - it is like a weight has lifted off me. I talked to JourneyMan about it as well as my Mum and cried floods but I think in shining a light on those deep, dark feelings within me - the shadows have up and fled.

Thank you for your thoughtful comments - I appreciate each and every one of you, you are so helpful and supportive.

Today, my Mum and Dad dropped in briefly and of course my Dad said about JBB 'he's a little miracle' as he does every time that he sees him. This time it didn't piss me off because deep down I didn't think I deserved it. I just smiled and agreed - he sure is and I am his Mum!!

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